School Council


Our school council is lots of fun. We think of ideas to make the school a better place.  We have a big school council notice board in the school with our photos on. We have two school council members from each class who attend the meetings and feedback our decisions as well as bringing items for discussion from the class. We have had a say in our new playground as well as securing more playground equipment for lunchtimes.  


Your school Councillors are as follows: 


·Year 1 - Jazzmine Reilly, Theo Dilkes, Hudson Girling, Eboni Smyth, Lola Dakin and Mark Nagy.

·Year 2 - Jensen Hall, India Smith, Oliver Olechnowicz, Emila Jagla, Marcus Cluer and Asa Abdullah.

·Year 3 - Hollie Green-Neale, Louie Emmony, Lilly Charles, Edgar Pami, Elsie Llyod and Ashleigh Barratt.  

·Year 4 – Rylea Payne, Aaliyah Smith, Alefa Van Doren, Fayth Owen, Ethan Charlton and Grace Chamberlain. 

·Year 5 – Javonte Barthley, Rihanna Grey, Tia Pallet, Damien Freer, Filip Sztuba and Brooke Edgar

·Year 6 – Carolyn Carlisle, Charlie Franco, Rocio Vieira, Imogen Martin, Tinevimbo and Josh Flattely. 

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.  If you have any questions / ideas about School Council - please see your class rep or Mrs Malik.