Useful Information

Useful Information

On this page you will find a variety of information that may be of use:





Attendance & Punctuality 

Good attendance and punctuality are crucial if children are to learn and achieve well. Children who are regularly late or absent will fall behind their peers and will not achieve their full potential. Holidays during term time must be authorised by the Headteacher, who can only grant this permission in exceptional circumstances. Holidays request forms are available from the school office.



We expect our children to wear school uniform as we feel it creates a sense of belonging. We like them to take pride in their appearance and to care about themselves.

Our parents like the ease of knowing what their children need to wear each day. Our school uniform consists of:


Red fleece, jumper or cardigan (in year 5 and 6 only there is an option for children to wear a black fleece); black or grey trousers, skirt or pinafore; white polo shirt, blouse or shirt; sensible shoes. It is also important that children have a separate PE kit and suitable indoor footwear comprising shorts, T-shirt and plimsolls. For information on how to order school uniform with the official logo, parents should contact the school office or visit the website Uniform Direct



Our policy for wearing jewellery follows the authority guidelines, which means that children should not wear jewellery to school other than a suitable wrist watch. If earrings need to be worn for any reason the parent should contact the Headteacher and complete a form taking responsibility for any accident which might occur. In this case ONE pair of small plain studs can be worn for 6 weeks for initial piercing which will need to be removed for PE lessons including swimming



Children will be issued with a reading book and reading diary. We encourage all children to read daily or at least 3-4 times per week. An adult must sign and comment that this has been carried out. Reading daily aids children’s comprehension skills and helps them improve their writing ability.


Homework will be given in every year group. Children will be given spellings and they will also be given a fortnightly task to complete. (Homework varies in each year group, please check the year groups curriculum leaflet for details).

We hope you support us with our homework policy as this will consolidate the learning your child has done at school.