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23rd October 2023 – Girls Football Results

18th September 2023 – Girls Football Results

11th September 2023 – Boys Football Results

January 2023 – Please see the link below regarding details of the Care Navigation Service from the Leicestershire Partnership Trust which are an administrative team who can signpost you to the correct service and networks of support in the NHS. 

Care Navigation – Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (

May 2022 – Year 1/2 LCFC Seagrave

On Wednesday 8th June, 10 lucky children had the amazing opportunity to go to the new Leicester City Football Club training facility to play some football. The children began their afternoon with a football match against another school where they worked really well as a team and started getting used to playing with new people. After the game they moved to a different part of the facility and had two different training sessions with LCFC coaches where they worked on their dribbling and their shooting before having a little rest. After their break they went back to the original football pitch and had another 2 football games which they improved on their first game and began to feel more comfortable and were able to score more goals. This continued in the last game even though they came up against a tough opposition. The children also took part in a penalty shoot-out before heading over for a presentation where they were all presented with a medal for taking part. Once we had finished our children were extremely fortunate that they were able to make their way down to the indoor training facility to have their photos taken on the outside and were able to have a look inside and have their photo taken inside. The children had a great afternoon out and represented the school brilliantly!

May 2022 – DHL Truck Safety

We welcomed trainers from DHL who brought two large lorries to school to teach the children in Years 3,4 and 5 about trucks and child safety (TAC). Everyone learned a lot about how to stay safe on the roads and especially around trucks and lorries.

May 2022 – Jubilee Celebrations

After the Jubilee celebrations we wanted to share some photos from our Jubilee event. Thank you to all children, parents and staff for the amazing effort. What a great day!

May 2022 – Cricket Club

On Friday 20th May Forest Lodge Academy took a team of budding cricketers to take part in a mini tournament at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College. We are so proud of each and every one of them as some had never played the game before and did so which such enthusiasm and commitment. Although results didn’t go in our favour they played each game with a fantastic spirit and with smiles on their faces. They were a huge credit to Forest Lodge Academy. Well done to all.

May 2022 – Reception

In Reception we have been watching our very own caterpillars grow and this week they finally emerged from their chrysalises as butterflies!

April 2022 – Year 1

Year 1 have been investigating in Maths lessons which numbers can be shared equally between 3 and 4. They have worked in pairs and took turns to move counters into different groups.

April 2022 – Year 4

This week, Year 4 had a visit from Ian at Junior STEM, who gave children the opportunity to build Lego vehicles containing motors and sensors and control them using algorithms on tablets. Children had so much fun seeing how far they could make their vehicles move and whether or not they could make them ‘magically’ stop using the motion sensor.

April 2022 – Early Years

Early years had Animal Encounters in, we enjoyed meeting a tortoise, a tarantula, skunk, tenrec, bearded dragon, millipede and a snake. We were so brave!

April 2022 – Year 3

Year 3 have been scientists, cooks and coders. In science we experimented on why some shadows were long and some were short. In D.T. We made healthy pittas using safe cutting skills. In ICT we coded a game on scratch that collected items. It’s been a fun last week of term.

April 2022 – Reception Classes

Reception children enjoyed taking part in a ‘Diddi Dance’ session. We practised our hip hop moves, hula hooping, dancing with ribbons and made music with rhythm sticks.

April 2022 – Year 4 Residential Trip

Year 4 had a great time at Manor Adventure. Taking part in all different activities such as Rock Climbing, Exploring Caves, Archery, Survival Skills and Zip Wire.

April 2022 – Year 6

Year 6 have been working on their art project, to create a diorama showing a WWII garden with an Anderson Shelter. They have been evaluating different mediums, to see which ones they can use to replicate different aspects of their diorama.

March 2022 – Happy Lunchtimes

Pupils at Forest Lodge Academy have been enjoying their Lunchtimes with ‘Happy Lunchtimes’. We have introduced Happy Lunchtimes to all pupils just under 2 weeks ago. It seems to be going really well and pupils are really enjoying it and they have definitely had the nice weather this week. Ask your child what they have learnt so far, and get them to tell you what Happy Lunchtimes is about. We will have a dedicated section on the school website to tell you all about this next week. To give you a taster of what it is about, here are some photos taken at lunchtime.

March 2022 – Year 5

Over the last 3 weeks, Year 5 have been taking part in Bikeability lessons. We have learnt how to ride a bike and keep ourselves safe on the roads by reading road signs and learning how to signal before turning. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and well done to all of those who took part and passed their level 1 and 2! We would also like to send a huge thank you to Phil and the rest of the Bikeability team who have helped us over the last 3 weeks. Keep cycling and stay safe!

March 2022 – British Science Week

During our British science week at the beginning of March we let everyone know that we had our own chickens being ready to hatch. On Friday afternoon we welcomed our first chick which was also live streamed to all of the children in class.

March 2022- Red Nose Day 2022

March 2022 – Year 1

This week Year 1 have been investigating ice in science week. We got a message from an army commander saying that his soldiers were stuck in ice! We used different methods to try and get our army solider out.  We really enjoyed science week!

March 2022 – Reception

This week in Reception we have been learning about different countries from around the world. We made cupcakes and practised using our knife skills to spread jam and butter onto scones. We also loved making and tasting some French, Italian and Indian foods. In maths we have been learning all about doubling and odd and even numbers.

March 2022 – Year 3

This week Year 3 have been conducting a taste preference test for their D.T. lesson. We tried 5 different ingredients to choose what we can put in our healthy pita sandwich. We tried carrots, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber and cheese. Some of the ingredients were more of a hit than others. However, most children were brave and tried all the ingredients.

March 2022 – British Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week’s theme of Growth next week, Forest Lodge are incubating and hatching our very own chicks, with the support of our very own ‘Chicken Egg-pert’ Mrs Shellard. Some of breakfast club were asked to put the eggs in our incubator and we have all been keeping a close eye on them and are excited for them to hatch next week! Stay tuned for chick updates!

March 2022 – Year 6

This half term, year 6 visited Warning Zone to develop their life skills.  We took part in a variety of scenarios looking at: personal safety; alcohol and anti-social behaviour; fire risk in the home; risk around water and railways; road safety; arson & criminal damage and electricity and building sites. We also recapped our safeguarding, with regards to E-safety, focussing on: online grooming; cyber bullying & trolling; protecting personal information; sharing images and digital footprints; online scamming; internet terms and what they mean and the importance of having a trusted adult to talk to. Please ask your child  for more information about what they have learnt.

March 2022 – Nursery

In Nursery this term we are looking at food glorious food. We have been experimenting with food and watching it explode. We also enjoyed making our own breakfast this week by pouring our chosen cereal, adding the milk, and then tucking in. 

February 2022 – Year 2

Year 2 – As part of our Food Technology and Science topic we looked a different food groups. We worked in groups and used lots of character muscles to sort the foods into the different parts of the Eatwell plate. We are then going to use our findings to create a smoothie recipe!

February 2022 – Year 5

Year 5 have been using atlases this week to investigate where the Anglo-Saxons emigrated from before their invasion of Britain back in the 5th Century. We were also able to use the atlases to determine what continent their homeland is on, what the capital city is and what sea it is located next to, to improve our Geography skills. 

February 2022 – Children’s Mental Health Week

This week was Children’s Mental Health Week. At Forest Lodge Academy we have carried out lots of great activities focusing on children’s mental health and wellbeing. Today children and staff came to school dressed in whatever made them happy to support Place2Be, the children’s mental health charity.

Thank you to everyone that took part.

February 2022 – Year 1

Year 1 have been working on our acting skills and have focussed on asking questions. This relates to a story we have been working on called cops and robbers

February 2022 – Year 4

This term, Year 4 have once again been practising their Steel Pans skills with Pat Monroe from Leicestershire Schools Music Services. 4AF are learning to play Yellow Submarine and 4AW are practising their chords in preparation of learning a song!

February 2022 – Reception Classes

Children in Reception have been having Miss Maple visit in Reception. She has been planting hazel with the children, to develop our forest fun area further. The children have planted the trees and will now watch them grow.

February 2022 – Year 3 Computer Science

Year 3 have been learning about computer science this week. We have done an unplugged session where we made an algorithm (instructions) in making a pasta necklace. We also went on to scratch to animate some text. The children all had fun experimenting.

February 2022 – The FA Cup and Community Shield comes to Forest Lodge Academy.

January 2022 – Healthy Living Advice Shared During National Obesity Awareness Week by Leicester City Football Club

December 2021 – Christmas Activity Day

November 2021 – Children In Need

Forest Lodge Academy raised a total of £1,144.00 for Children in need, a huge thank you to everyone who got involved!

November 2021 – Anti-Bullying Week

We kicked off the week by holding an Odd Socks Day! We started the day with an assembly where we talked all about this year’s theme ‘One Kind Word’, encouraging everyone to spread kindness to others. We also took part in an Odd Socks Day lesson in our classes, thinking about how we can spread the ‘One Kind Word’ message and how we can make our school a even better place to be through acts of kindness. Take a look at some of the odd socks we wore… Can you spot any you recognise?

September 2021 – Year 5/6 Science

Last year in Science, Year 6 planted tomatoes, spring onions and sunflower seeds. After many weeks of watering and nurturing them in class, they planted them in the Peace Garden. Today, Year 6 and Year 5 have harvested the first ripe tomatoes together.

July 2021 – Covid-19 Time Capsule

Today 9th July the School Council buried a Covid-19 Time Capsule. All members of school council from Year 1 to Year 6 have been working on a project over the last few months. School council decided on what they wanted to put in the time capsule to tell the future generations what the pandemic was about. You can see from the photos we had a range of things, from poems, masks, PM letter, photos and newspaper cuttings. Time capsule will be opened in 20 years’ time. A Big Thank You to all of school council members and especially Year 6 members who have left today. Mrs Malik really appreciates how you have worked so well this year, and really enjoyed working with you all. Also a big thank you to Mr Creed and Mr Rose for all their help today.

July 2021 – Peace Garden

Today Miss Greaves and the Peace Agents officially opened the Peace Garden after lots of hard work this term. We would like to thank our special visitors who came along and who have supported us throughout our project: Sally (Parent Governor), Valerie and Bethan (Members of the Positive Peaceful Places Team), Lynn (Tesco Community Champion) and Jess (Morrisons Community Champion) who came along too! A special thank you to Mr Creed and Mr Rose who helped bring the whole thing together! Well done to everyone involved in creating this amazing space, we look forward to using it when we come back in the Autumn.