We appreciate how important the links between Parent/Carers and teachers are and the need for us to work together.

We believe that it is important that children bring home ‘activities’ or ‘work’ from a fairly early age to help them learn, to reinforce basic skills and for them to see parents and teachers working together.

Reception Homework Letter

Year 1 Homework Letter

Year 6 Homework Letter

Children will be issued with a reading book and reading diary. We encourage all children to read daily or at least 3-4 times per week. An adult must sign and comment that this has been carried out. Reading daily aids children’s comprehension skills and helps them improve their writing ability.

Homework will be given in every year group. Children will be given spellings and they will also be given a fortnightly task to complete. (Homework varies in each year group, please check the year groups curriculum leaflet for details).

We hope you support us with our homework policy as this will consolidate the learning your child has done at school.