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Lessons for the Week – 29/06/2020

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WOW Work

Rouheyl Malik
Zak Sakatira
Ardesa made cookies with her brother!
Here is Nafeeesa’s whale factfile.
Nafeesa RSS – Nafeesa’s Pirate and today she has read Frog flees a fish…
Oliver making some chocolate chip muffins for when Alec comes home from school
Nafeesa’s bog baby work
Nafeesa’s bog baby.
Rouheyl’s Bog Baby
Jenson is on a bear hunt

Jenson and his writing
Nafeesa’s writing about the Three Bears
Isaac doing his dance
Alexia is baking.
Alexia’s paper plate faces.
Jack making 12.
Muhammad reading.
Romeo reading.
Romeo and Freddie growing plants.
Sophia’s rainbow picture.
Aaron’s objects that he found on a walk.
Jack’s objects that he found on a walk.
Jenson has made a fab volcano and done some writing.
Oliver in RSS doing a little dance for everyone!
Rafaela has made some pizzas.
Rosie made an alien mask and a nest for her Easter chick.
Rosie made a necklace and bracelet out of old straws.
Rosie and her sister, Lacie, did mummy’s make up.
Rosie and her sister, Lacie, helped mummy strip the wallpaper, they did a super job, very helpful!
Jenson has been busy cooking!
Shernaya has completed this with her mum and sent it in. Can’t believe how fab it is.
Shernaya has been creating flower pots using different materials.
Today the children, who  are still at school,  decided to decorate the windows  with rainbows   Please take a look on your daily walks/exercise at our wonderful work  hope you like them!