Year 6

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Lessons for the Week – 01/06/2020

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Maths Lesson 1
Maths Lesson 2
English Lesson 1
English Lesson 2

Chapter 1 – Miss Rea

English Lesson 3

Chapter 2 – Miss Shearer

English Lesson 4

Chapter 3 – Part 1- Miss Jackson

Chapter 3 – Part 2- Miss Jackson

Chapter 3 – Part 3 – Miss Jackson

Lessons for the Week – 18/05/2020

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English – Week 5 Lesson 1
English – Week 5 Lesson 2
English – Week 5 Lesson 3
Maths – Week 5 Lesson 1
Maths – Week 5 Lesson 2
Geography – Week 5 Lesson 1
Geography – Week 5 Lesson 2

Lessons for the Week – 11/05/2020

Lessons for the Week – 27/04/2020

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English – Lesson 1
English – Lesson 2
English – Lesson 3
Maths – Lesson 1
Maths – Lesson 2
Art – Lesson 1
Geography – Lesson 1

Lessons for the Week – 20/04/2020

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Maths – Lesson 1
Maths – Lesson 2
Art – Lesson 1
Art – Lesson 2

WOW Work

Vidhi (6CSH) really enjoyed doing the Year 6 Silly SATs papers last week 🙂
Freya (6CH)  has created a poppy to display in her window as part of the 75th V E Day celebration.
Salma (6NR) created this beautiful Blitz inspired artwork. 
Mido (6NR) was inspired to create this natural sculpture of a sunset using dandelions and other plants from the garden.

Bella (6NR) has been keeping busy with some arts and crafts and has made this beautiful owl bunting.
Amie (6NR) has been learning to cook some tasty new recipes, one of them being this delicious looking pasta ragu!

Vidhi (6CSH) has worked incredibly hard to write this persuasive letter to McDonalds – here is an extract from her 4 page masterpiece!
Grace (6CSH) has been working so hard at home every day at keeping her arithmetic skills strong and fluent.
Miss Shearer was so impressed with the suspense that Lexi (6CSH) managed to create in her story.
Freya (6CH) has been practicing her art skills and created this beautiful painting.
Ebony (6NR) has created some lovely artwork to put in her window to thank all the NHS staff.

Beau (6NR) has created an amazing poster all about Earth Day.

Mario (6NR) has created a fab information booklet all about Earth Day.

Taylor (6NR) has written an excellent persuasive letter to McDonalds.

Mido (6NR) has written an amazing persuasive letter, using lots of the features of the text. 
Maks (6NR) has worked really hard to learn how to find the volume of shapes. 

Amanda (6NR) has created a fab poster displaying all her research about recycling.
Salma (6NR) has worked hard learning how to find the volume of shapes.
Taylor (6NR) Taylor has created a sculpture, inspired by the work of Henry Moore, using recyclable materials. 
Lola-Rose (6CSH) has designed and begun an information text all about her own mythical creature.
Christopher (6CSH) has created a poster concerning online safety, reminding people to stay SMART online.
Vidhi (6CSH) has completed this week’s art project and created a beautiful 3D layered swan.
Vidhi (6CSH) has completed her Recycling research this week ready for her persuasive letter
Mido 6NR has made a poster on children staying safe online
Just before we left school, Miss Shearer’s Year 6 writing group were working on WW2 Poetry, exploring the use of figurative language to evoke a mood. Children were set the task to continue with this model to write their own poem at home and can we just say how fantastic this one is from Vidhi (6CSH)!
Scarlett (6CH) has been busy making some chocolate Easter nests.
Chris (6CSH) has completed his home learning task to write an explanation text about a mythical creature and has remembered lots of the features of this type of text from the last time we wrote one in school!
Amanda (6NR) wrote this imaginative story from her home learning writing challenges. She then edited it using feedback from Miss Rea and this is the final version. 
Elham (6NR) has written a fantastic poem about the Blitz inspired by a poem we read at school.
It’s great to hear that many of you are still keeping up with your regular reading. Grace (6CSH) is still filling in her diary everyday and Vidhi (6CSH) has sent us this wonderful poem review.
Evi-Leigh in 6CH has created a WWII drawing inspired by the Blitz.
Mido in 6NR has created a fab piece of artwork inspired by the Blitz during World War 2.
Today the children, who  are still at school,  decided to decorate the windows  with rainbows   Please take a look on your daily walks/exercise at our wonderful work  hope you like them!
Well done to Grace (6CSH) for sending us her solution to the tricky ‘sum and difference’ problem. A huge well done for persevering with this and using the skills we learnt at school. Have you solved it yourself yet?
Vidhi and Chisom (6CSH) both worked together remotely to build this incredible replica of a WW2 Anderson shelter. We love all the details, especially the vegetable plot! Well done girls!
“Taylor (6NR) has drawn a detailed picture of the inside and outside of an Anderson bomb shelter as part of our WW2 topic.”
A wonderful rainbow drawn by Lola-Rose (6CSH) to display in her window to remind everyone to stay positive.
A beautiful, atmospheric piece of art work completed by Vidhi (6CSH) – it gave us chills!