Online Safety Support

Hints & Tips for Parents

• Technology is constantly changing and young people are continually learning – keep up to date on latest developments so you know about the risks.

​• Online safety applies to all types of devices – PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, e-readers and online gaming​

• As technology becomes more portable, set guidelines for where your child could/should use their device

​• Treat online safety in the same way as you would offline safety such as stranger danger, crossing the road etc.

​• Set up internet security so children can’t access websites with adult and inappropriate content

​• Don’t write anything online that you wouldn’t say in person.  Comments made on social media and/or public web pages/forums could reflect badly on your child

​• Try to establish a system which allows your child to talk to you about anything they feel uncomfortable about online

​• Create your own internet/device rules for your household and have your child agree to adhere to them.

​• Be aware of age restrictions. Did you know the minimum age for social media is 13 years old.​

Things to Discuss with Children​

• Where it is acceptable to use your portable device? Bedroom? Lounge?

​• Who should you talk to if you feel uncomfortable about something you have seen online? e.g. parent, teacher or other responsible adult

​• Don’t spend too long online; make sure you get some physical exercise every day​

• Keep passwords safe – don’t write them down and change them regularly

​• What personal information is it appropriate to post online?

​• How do you report cyber bullying? Take a screen grab of any posts so these can be seen at a later date if needed.​

• How do you know the people you are talking to online, are who you think they are?

​• What is the difference between a ‘real life’ friend and an ‘online friend’.

​• Is it ever sensible to meet up with an online friend?

​• Should you tell people online personal information?​

Get to know the apps your child could be using

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