Year 1

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Lessons for the Week – 11/05/2020

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Comparing Victorian Children to Children from 2020.

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WOW Work

Reuben’s William Morris wallpaper
Dilan from 1BBhas made his version of the Victorian toy Ball and Cup.
Zoe’s spelling test results
Penny’s work
Evelina in 1JB
Will has drawn his gingerbread man after reading the story and copying the repetitive sentences. He is colouring in his gingerbread man and then he’s going to describe him using adjectives.
Rosabella has been so busy at home!
Bella has been working on her multiplication and has picked it up quite quickly!
Isla making Gingerbread biscuits (1BB)
Look at the beautiful paintings Poppy has been doing to put in her window.
Adrija in 1BB has been doing some great work at home!
Isla in 1BB has been busy baking!
Gingerbread men made by Dilan in 1BB.
Great window decorations by Isla of 1BB.
Look at the fabulous work completed by Adrija in 1BB
Today the children, who  are still at school,  decided to decorate the windows  with rainbows   Please take a look on your daily walks/exercise at our wonderful work  hope you like them!
Dexter Rainbow painting
Sienna Wormleighton has been busy doing lots of activities between her school work. Sienna is enjoying Joe Wickes every morning with her sisters and daddy. She’s been busy making cakes, helping prepare vegetables and stuff for dinner. Making a bird box from an empty milk box was good fun. We are making easter bonnets so she can wear it for her easter egg hunt. Sienna has been in the hottub and we also had a pamper party (only house members) doing nails, hair and make up- she really enjoyed that too. Stay safe and hopefully see you soon 🙂