Year 2

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WOW Work

Mohammed from 2et has been loving our story ‘The Dragon Machine’ and has used his year 2 skills to do this writing. Well done!

Janiah’s beautiful team flag
Thomas in 2JM has made this amazing castle! 
Amreet from 2et created this portrait of herself as a queen for our knights topic and showed her awesome art skills. Well done.
This is Jacob’s flag.
He’s looking forward to seeing everyone again.
William munyoro from 2et has been busy using lots and lots of skills to create this amazing castle for year 2s  knights and castles topic.
Dexter in 2JM has made an amazing castle which his dinosaurs are now enjoying guarding! 
Dexter in 2JM has been teaching his dinosaurs all about….well dinosaurs!!
This is Jacob’s setting description about a tower. He has included a range of brilliant vocabulary! 
Dexter in 2JM has been watching Science Max and has made a density jar with honey, fat, soap, washing up liquid and water with different amounts of sugar in it. 
This is Jacob in 2CG’s creative independent writing. 
Annia in 2JM writing about the brave knight.
Orla in 2JM made these for her living room window.
Annia in 2JM has been working really hard!
Dexter in 2JM and his little sister, Hazel, have made a Rainbow Snake!
Rummanah and her younger brother have made some card dinosaurs. 
Joesph in  2JM has worked really hard to create this ‘Thank you’ window.
Today the children, who  are still at school,  decided to decorate the windows  with rainbows   Please take a look on your daily walks/exercise at our wonderful work  hope you like them!
This is Caleb’s (2CG) and his family’s painting of a rainbow on his window. He wants to cheer up the teachers and children who are in school when they look at it.