Year 3

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Lessons for the Week – 06/07/2020

Lessons for the Week – 29/06/2020

Lessons for the Week – 22/06/2020

Lessons for the Week – 15/06/2020

Lessons for the Week – 08/06/2020

WOW Work

Jakub’s Emoji puzzle
Gustav’s brilliant work.
It’s Lola Dakin 3VJ. I coloured and cut all these letters out today to say thank you to all key workers
Emee’s great fractions poster
Georgia 3VJ Finding Fractions.
Look at the work Michael has done.
Hannah has been working hard at home!
More of Georgia’s work
Halo’s work on reasons to ‘Stay At Home’
Dilemma reasons as why school should stay shut.  
Take a look at the great work Isla in 3CS has been doing!
Michael in Y3’s Handwriting
Michael in Y3’s 7 and 8 Times Tables
Michael in Y3’s 9 Times Table
Michael in Y3’s 7 Times Table
Michael in Y3 has finished his Handwriting book!
Evie-Mai in 3VJ has enjoyed baking.
Evie-Mai in 3VJ has enjoyed making her own bouncy ball.
Evie-Mai in 3VJ has enjoyed painting.
Evie-Mai in 3VJ has enjoyed chalking.
Evie-Mai in 3VJ has enjoyed doing her make up.
Evie-Mai in 3VJ
See what Lacie in 3VJ has been getting up to!
Some of the things Isaac in 3VJ has been up to over the past couple of weeks.
This is the artwork that Savannah in 3ID has done with Mummy and Scarlett.
Stay safe!
Lacie did Mummy’s make up.
Lacie and her sister, Rosie, helped Mummy strip the wallpaper they did a super job very helpful!
Lacie and her sister, Rosie, made Mummy a birthday cake.
 Lacie has been extremely busy with her family. She has worked hard on getting some of her home learning done, and has also learnt some great life skills. Lacie has helped decorate, do her mums make up! Watch out MUA LACIE! And also made the most amazing cake for her mum’s birthday.
Well Done Lacie!
Ali Musa from 3VJ is working really hard on his Home Learning pack and has worked really hard. We are very proud of you Ali! Well Done!
A lovely rainbow picture created too.
Look at this great work!
Georgia found some coins and used shading to make a poster with totals and some sums.
Today the children, who  are still at school,  decided to decorate the windows  with rainbows   Please take a look on your daily walks/exercise at our wonderful work  hope you like them!
Riley in 3VJ has been so busy at home!
Ali in 3ID has made a wonderful rainbow!
Nodee’s Lockdown Days
Look at Evie’s amazing board game!
Look at Georgia’s colourful rainbows!
Working in the garden.
Owl wind chimes in the garden.