Year 4

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Lessons for the Week – 06/07/2020

Lessons for the Week – 29/06/2020

Lessons for the Week – 22/06/2020

Lessons for the Week – 15/06/2020

Lessons for the Week – 08/06/2020

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The Noisy Animals in the Jungle Song

Lessons for the Week – 04/05/2020

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Animals of the Rainforest text resource
Video – Identifying angles

Lessons for the Week – 27/04/2020

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Video 1: Identify and plot points on a grid
Video 2: Plot points to draw a shape
Video 3: Translating a point
Rainforest Deforestation Text Resource 1
Rainforest Deforestation Questions – Resource 2

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WOW Work

Luka Murphy from 4AF has been working extremely hard this week to produce work for all areas of the curriculum, including a brilliant, descriptive piece in about a rainforest, along with a rainforest painting to go with it. Keep up the fantastic work!!
Adomas in 4BX  continued to impress with the work he completed last week, he completed a comic as well as researching and writing about desert habitats and the human heart.  Great work Adomas!
Logan in 4BX worked extremely hard last week completing lots of Maths work on time as well as writing an extremely entertaining diary entry about Paddington.  Great work Logan!
Jack in 4BX had a very creative week last week, designing and creating three ancient Egyptian artefacts covered in hieroglyphics.  We’re especially impressed with the pyramid he made and the mummy inside.  Superb work Jack! 
Millie in 4BX researched some great information about guitars last week, finding out about the Beatles and then created her very own guitar.  We’re very impressed with you creative skills.  Superb work Millie!
Logan in 4BX has been working hard and has created an informative poster about Rainforest habitats with some lovely illustrations.
Adomas in 4BX has been creative in his learning and has made an Egyptian artefact covered in hieroglyphics.  His artefact says “I am a person who built the great pyramid of Giza for Pharoah Khufu. The pyramid  is huge, we used two million blocks.”
Adomas in 4BX has completed a lot of work, including this great fact file about Ancient Egypt.
Millie in 4BX has completed lots of work and in her spare time even created a home for a ladybird.
Jack in 4BX has been busy this week creating a poster about why we should look after rainforests.
Neve in 4BX has worked really hard to create this ‘Thank you’ window.
Today the children, who  are still at school,  decided to decorate the windows  with rainbows   Please take a look on your daily walks/exercise at our wonderful work  hope you like them!